Saturday, January 5, 2019

How To Decorate For Winter After Christmas: Winter Living Room

Hello all!

This year, instead of stripping all my seasonal decorations away as soon as Christmas was over, my husband and I decided it would be much more hygge (cozy!) to decorate for winter. Winter JUST started on December 21st after all! Where we live, we have plenty of dark, gloomy months ahead. As we are practicing the Danish art of hygge this year, or feeling cozyness through the winter, it didn't feel right to strip all of the warm elements out of the house and head straight for spring.

We're loving the warm cozyness of our winter decorations and have spent our working days recently looking forward to coming home to hygge (cozy up). If you're interested in learning how to transition from Christmas decorations to winter decor, read on!

1.) Take all Christmas colors and motifs out.

Step one for transitioning from Christmas to winter decor is to go through your house and remove all traces of red, all Santas, all ornaments, anything that specifically screams Christmas. Red is such a classic Christmas color and without removing it, onlookers are likely to see more of Christmas than winter when they look at your decor. Similarly, ornaments and Santa figurines aren't associated much with Winter, but are very associated with Christmas. Take these out of your house as well.

2.) Focus on neutral, textural decor.

Whites and silvers work really well for Winter decorations. It's a good idea to also leave a good mix of materials in your decor to create warmth when things are very neutral in color. Mix woods with wickers with wools with canvas to create a layered, textural space that still feels warm despite a wintry white color palette.

3.) Repurpose Greenery.

While trees filled with ornaments and glittery garland running down a staircase screams Christmas, smaller, ornament-less trees and classic unadorned green garlands can transition really nicely to winter decor. We chose to leave two small lit trees in our house through winter this year as hygge-inspiring winter, rather than Christmas, trees.

4.) Candles, Candles Everywhere!

To up the cozy factor of your winter decor I can't recommend candles enough. Search for candle holders in a variety of textures (I have wood, mercury glass and iron hurricanes and candle holders that I love) to create centerpieces and decorative accessories that warm up a winter space.

So there you have it! I hope this gave your some inspiration if you're looking to transition into winter decor this year rather than skipping straight to Spring. I'm loving the cozy warmth of my winter decorations and I know this is a decorating season I will never skip again! The best part is we spent virtually nothing to transition from Christmas into winter decor, it's all about re-purposing! I had most of these decorations out at Christmas as well, but they look very fresh rearranged in my house.

Happy Decorating! With Love, Katie

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  1. Makes me want to curl up with a cup of herbal tea and a comfy blanket! Hygge happy!