Sunday, December 9, 2018

DIY Flocked Pinecone Winter Wreath Tutorial

I LOVE making wreaths! They are such quick, fun activities and you always end up with such a lovely product to pretty up the house. This wreath is so quick and easy to make, the total assembly time was under 30 minutes! I love that this wreath isn't Christmas specific and can be used all winter long! Read on to find step by step DIY directions for this gorgeous winter wreath!


- Flocked Greenery Wreath
- Floral Wire
- Thumb Tacks
- Long, Natural Pinecones
- Wooden Initial

 Step 1: Hammer thumb tacks into the top and bottom of the back side of your wooden letter.

Step 2: Wrap floral wire around each of the thumb tacks on your wooden letter.

Step 3: Use the floral wire to attach your wooden letter to the center of your wreath.

Step 4: Arrange the pinecones around the wreath as you like. I attached mine so that they were all facing the same general direction. Use the floral wire to attach the pinecones to the wreath in the same manner as you attached the wooden letter.

And that's it! Hang, and enjoy! Such a quick and easy wreath that is so gorgeous. It's neutral and has natural elements, which makes it perfect for literally any decorating style. So in love!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know if you try it!
With Love, Katie

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