Friday, October 12, 2018

Fall and Halloween Decor 2018

 Hello All!

WAY too long, no talk! I have news on the home decor front; we've moved! Which means there is SO much exciting new-ness going on in my apartment right now! I loved the creative challenge of designing a new space. Picking new layouts, new furniture pieces, adapting to the quicks of a new space has been SO much fun creatively.

The fall and winter holidays are my favorite times to decorate, and decorating for these seasons in the new house has been so much fun. For Halloween in particular some of my old decorations didn't feel right in this new space, so it was fun to find a few new pieces to tie in with my favorites of the old.

My new apartment has a very neutral vibe, with creams, golds, and tan shades being the dominant colors. I've kept it feeling warm and not sterile by mixing LOTS of materials (linens, wickers, unfinished woods, painted woods, corn husk juju hats, ceramics, glass, ext!), and I wanted to do the same with my fall decor. Orange didn't feel right in the new space, so I kept it neutral but again added texture to keep it interesting.

For my dining table, I mixed textural wheat stalks with metallic lanterns, with mercury glass and natural pumpkins. I'm loving it! This is the first time in my life I've owned a full size dining table, and I'm loving the new challenge of decorating this space.

My favorite Halloween display is on the back of my new sofa-table! The table itself has the look of whitewashed wood, but I added even more texture with the black "spooky cloth." No oranges here though! I kept in neutral with my black candelabra and spider tealight candle holders. I'm loving decorating with a creepy-crawley theme this year!

Another new space I've been having fun decorating in the new apartment is this bench we have by our stairs. This space has texture on texture on texture! The bench itself is wood and linen, and I've added some more fabric element with the two pillows. This tray was such a find as it combines wood with linen and glass. I've topped it with a mercury glass gourd (a homegoods score this year!) and some more creepy-crawley spiders!

The creepy-crawley creatures that are gracing my living room this area are mice! I stuck a couple of handmade mice on my coffee table tray and a few wire mice on top of my tv table wooden pumpkin display. I added texture to the all-white pumpkin display by sticking some faux hydrangea stems among the pumpkins. I also added a neutral pop of color with the wood bud vases from Target's fall Hearth and Hand collection (which I was really loving this year, by the way!).

 I got a little more playful with color on my bedroom vanity. My vanity is a mirrored surface. Because mirrored surfaces lean "glam," it easily accepted my glittery black cat decor which I paired with ceramic spell books from Target's dollar spot. So fun!

The rest of our bedroom fall decor stayed neutral, though. I added a trio of amber glass jars (another Hearth and Hand score) to my jewelry stand for a bit of fall color. I also put together a pumpkin tray display for my dresser. (I'm itching to switch out this old IKEA dresser, by the way, so look for that post another day!).

That about sums up my fall and Halloween decor this year! I hope you enjoyed this peek into my home! I want to blog more often, so look out for some fall/Thanksgiving recipes coming soon, along with Christmas decor posts not long behind!

With Love, Katie.

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