Thursday, November 16, 2017

Our Wedding: First Looks

Hello there lovelies! Today I'm continuing the series where I recap our wedding day! Today I'm giving you a glimpse of the day by recounting each of my first looks! If you missed the first post in the series about my morning getting ready you can click over to it here!

I had three first looks on my wedding day, first with my Dad, then with my bridesmaids, and then finally with my husband! The first two first looks really helped to ramp up the excitement (and emotion) before I had my first look with my groom.

I was able to pull the first look off with my bridesmaids so well because only one of them had ever seen my dress before! It was a total surprise for most of them (and I think still a great bridal reveal for the one who had seen my dress before, in my last fitting, because of course my hair and makeup weren't so perfect then!).

After finishing with hair and makeup the morning of my wedding I left my girls to put my dress and veil on in a separate room with my mom. My photographers then helped me organize the reveal with my bridesmaids by lining them up in the bridal suite and snapping pictures over my shoulder of their reactions to seeing me!

After these first two looks it was time for the big reveal with my husband! I think he had been patiently waiting for me while staring at the wall in the lobby of the hotel (so as not to glimpse me too soon) for a WHILE before I showed up (lol). I didn't get any tears from him but it was a lot of fun having him finally see my dress! I had been dying to show it to him for months (and almost caved a few times!).

I hope you enjoyed this peek into our wedding day! Next up in our wedding day series will be a look at our bridal portraits!

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With Love, Katie.

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