Sunday, November 26, 2017

How To Create Your Own DIY Ornament Wreath

This Christmas (or Hanukkah) ornament wreath is so stunning and opulent, but also so easy, quick and inexpensive! Could there be a more perfect DIY project than that? I absolutely love creating these wreaths and have made many over the years in different sizes and different colorways. They only take an hour or two to make (depending on how big you choose to make your wreath) which makes them perfect for a quick evening crafting session (and also makes them perfect to create as a gift!).

The trick to making these ornament wreaths look so full and lush is making sure you have ornaments in at least 3 different sizes so you can fill in any gaps between the larger ornaments with the smaller ones. Shatter proof ornaments in this wreath are also key, which makes them safe to hang either indoors or out (and also makes them cost effective to create). Read on for a list of materials and step by step instructions so you can make your own gorgeous ornament wreath in colors to match your own decor!



  • 14 inch diameter styrofoam wreath form
  • 15 foot tinsel garlsnd
  • Flexible Wire, for affixing to the wreath to hang
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • 65 Large Ornaments (I used a pack of 50 which included about 6 colors as well as a pack of 15 "special ornaments" in an accent color, some with interesting textures but in the same large size)
  • 25 Medium Ornaments (for filling in medium spaces)
  • 30 Small Ornaments (for filling in small spaces and adding dimension to the finished wreath)

Affix flexible wire to wreath form. This will be how you hang your wreath when it's all finished!


Wrap tinsel garland around your wreath form, securing it with hot glue as you go. This step is important so what you glimpse is cheerful garland through any open spaces between your ornaments in your completed wreath, instead of the bland styrofoam wreath base. 

Begin adding ornaments by gluing large ornaments around the inside of the wreath. Turn the "stub" of the ornaments (the part you use to affix the ornament to an ornament hook if you were hanging it on a tree) under so you don't see them. Use the hot glue to affix the ornaments both to the tinsel base and to each other.

Next, add the large ornaments around the outside rim of the wreath, again affixing them to both the wreath form and adding dots of glue between the ornaments to secure them to each other (this will add stability to the ornaments on the finished wreath).

 Start to add large ornaments to the front of the wreath (the space between the inside and outer rings of ornaments). Don't be afraid to leave some space between the ornaments during this step as you will fill them in with the smaller ornaments later. Don't be too worried about making the ornaments look like they have been placed in a uniform matter during this step, it will look lusher and fuller when you start adding in the small balls, I promise!

Fill in any gaps between the large ornaments with the medium and small balls. This is the fun part! Use your eye to see which color should go where to create a balanced wreath. 

You're finished! Now hang and admire! I'll leave you with one last piece of advice, if you enjoyed making an ornament wreath this year be sure to head out the day after Christmas to nab those big boxes of shatterproof ornaments on an amazing sale. They will be perfect for you to make a new wreath next year!

I hope you loved this quick and easy DIY! I keep coming back to this instant gratification project year after year and I hope you do too. Before you leave, be sure to follow me on Bloglovin' so you never miss a post, and leave a comment to let me know if there's any Christmas DIY projects you particularly love!

With Love, Katie.

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