Thursday, October 19, 2017

Milk Glass Wedding Details for a Modern Vintage Wedding

 One of my absolute favorite aspects of wedding planning and my wedding day itself was collecting milk glass for use in floral design. If you're wandering what milk glass is, it's a vintage opaque milky white glass that's made into countless types of vessels and compotes that are absolutely perfect to use for wedding flowers and centerpieces when you're after a modern-vintage aesthetic.

I was engaged for two years which left me plenty of time to collect unique milk glass pieces at good prices from antique malls and flea markets. Generally, I paid less than $10 for smaller pieces and less than $25 for larger pieces. So the cost of collecting the vessels was relatively inexpensive (especially as far as wedding prices go!), but the fun I had hunting them down was absolutely priceless! Hunting for the pieces was something I shared with my mom, dad and fiance. The whole process was so much fun; it was the thrill of the hunt mixed with the joy of working towards creating a beautiful handmade wedding day that made building up my milk glass collection so enjoyable.

I used my milk glass mostly for centerpieces in collections of 3 to 5 pieces per table. I found a "formula" of three pieces and two candlesticks to be especially gorgeous, but some centerpieces just comprised of one large milk glass piece filled to the brim with eye-popping florals. Those centerpieces were stunning too!

What I love about milk glass is even though it's a vintage product, it's pearly white design makes it look entirely fresh and modern too. That's what makes it so perfect for crating a modern-vintage wedding look that's not stuffy, prissy or stodgy. Instead, milk glass looks fresh and elegant while still giving a nod to the past.

Because the milk glass is white, it gives you the opportunity to incorporate your wedding colors in your linens. My primary wedding color was a dusty light blue. Using that color as a tablecloth set off the white of my milk glass beautifully.

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With Love, Katie

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  1. So classic and beautiful! It's really cool that you collected it, I think that makes it even more special. I'd love to see what you did with it all after your wedding! I think it'd look so pretty on display.