Tuesday, September 19, 2017

6 Ways To Cozy Up Your Home For Fall

While my home is constantly evolving with decor updates happening year round, no season inspires me to change it up as much as fall. As soon as September hits and I start to get a sense of the cooler weather to come, I’m always compelled to start swapping out my bright, vibrant, saturated summer decor for more muted fall pieces. Decorating for fall isn’t only about putting pumpkins everywhere (though that certainly helps!). I’m sharing my list of non-pumpkin decor changes you can make to your home to up the cozy factor through fall (and all of the colder months) to make you feel even more at home during our longer autumn nights.

 1.) Candles

Heralded by fall lovers everywhere, it would be easy for a skeptic to underestimate the cozy-ing power of candles. Whether you choose scented candles in jars or add a few hurricanes and pillar candles to your home, candles add the cozy, comfortable, dramatic and moody feels you crave in the fall.

2.) Layer Up Your Bedding With Extra Pillows and Throws

The air conditioner is off, the heat might not be on yet, but Fall is the perfect time to start layering up your bedding to add that sumptuous, sink-into-it look to your bedroom decor. Add a comforter or throw folded at the edge of your bed and an extra layer of pillows to up the cozy factor of your bedroom for Fall.

3.) Bring In Fall’s Natural Beauty

While the moment for perfectly ripe fresh berries and fruit may have come to an end, Fall has so many natural elements so perfect for cozy autumn decorating. Bring in a vase full of sunflowers or a bowl full of mini pumpkins. Put together a a bouquet of wheat and dried lavender for a display that will last all season. There’s so much natural beauty to be found in the fall!

4.) Add texture

If you’re like me, all through Spring and Summer you crave minimal, clean, light colored decor and accessories. As you accessorize for the fall, keep your eye out for woven baskets, terra cotta vases, velvet throw pillows, or other household accessories that add texture, warmth  and depth to your decor that will up the cozy factor all season long.

5.) Add personal touches

Nothing makes you feel cozier than happy memories. Invest in some new picture frames and place them everywhere, coffee tables, on top of your dresser, on your beside table, to sprinkle happy memories throughout your home. Pictures from summer adventures can match your decor for fall by turning them black and white before printing.

6.) Add darker touches

While bright white furniture, bedding, and accessories feel right at home during the summer, fall calls for warmer colors to complement a more muted color palette. Swap out white gallery frames for black (a black frame with a crisp white mat will always look classic, and is so perfect for fall), swap vibrantly colored throw pillows for their more muted cousins. Break up your bright white furniture with accessories, as I did on my bright white coffee table by adding a cream vase and a silver tray and accessories.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it helped you brainstorm some ways to add comfort and warmth to your space as we head into Fall! Don' forget to subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on bloglovin so you don't miss any updates!

With Love, Katie


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  1. Your fall spread is amazing! I love adding little touches but especially fall candles :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston