Tuesday, September 26, 2017

10 Foods You Must Eat In Paris

Before going to Paris, I researched and planned almost every meal we would have there. I thought it would be such a waste if while in Paris, a foodie capital of the world, we “wasted” meals by eating whatever was easiest when hunger-emergencies struck. The advanced planning was SO WORTH IT and we had some seriously mindbogglingly good food while in Paris!

Today I’m sharing 10 foods you absolutely can’t miss when you’re in Paris, and the best places for you to get them! As a bonus, most things on this list are very budget friendly, I even wrestled with titling this post “Best Cheap Eats.” So, without further ado, read on to learn about the food in Paris that’s so good, you need to include it in your itinerary!

1.) Eclaires

From Where: Eclaire de Genie

The word eclaire, when translated to English, means enlightened. When it comes to eclaires from the patisserie Eclaire de Genie, I think this translation is totally appropriate! The eclaires from Eclaire de Genie go beyond the basic cream-filled, chocolate frosted traditional eclaire. These eclaires come in a million super interesting flavor combinations (my favorite was lime and mint, pictured above!).

2.) Ice Cream

From Where: Berthillon

This world famous ice cream is so famous for a reason: Its. So. Flavorful. Kind of like Italian Gelato, the purity of the flavors of the ice cream really come through. The ice cream flavors, such as coconut, or strawberry, are more pronounced than the sweetness of the ice cream, making eating Berthillon ice cream such a unique and gourmet experience. The original Berthillon store is located on Ile Saint-Louis, but you can find the ice cream sold at many ice cream carts and restaurants throughout Paris.

3.) Pastries

From Where: Gourmet patisseries throughout Paris. My favorites are Laduree, Pierre Herme, Angelina and Patisserie des Reves.

Little pastry creations from the gourmet patisseries throughout Paris were probably my favorite thing to eat while I was there! For 6 or so euro, you get a small work of art to take with you and enjoy. These little gourmet pastries are so photogenic, but here's the thing: they actually taste even BETTER than they look. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. They have to be tried to be believed, but don't forget to snap a photo too (Instagram will thank you).

4.) Falafel

From Where: L'As du Fallafel

 In the Marais, the Jewish district of Paris, runs a very charming street called Rue des Rosiers where you'll find lots of little boutiques, Jewish bakeries, and a ton of Falafel shops. The best (and most famous) of these is L'As de Fallafel, which will make you a pita absolutely stuffed with delicious falafel and mounds of toppings so delicious I can hardly describe it (and all for about 6 euro). If you're in the Marais this is a must-stop while you're there for a super flavorful, super affordable meal!

5.) Traditional Jewish Pastries from Bakeries in the Marais District

From Where: Sacha Finkelsteins or Muricano Patisseries

While you're in the Marais, after you've gotten your falafel (or before if you're like me), you have to stop at one of the Jewish bakeries just a few doors away on the Rue des Rosiers for desert. The pastries and cookies you will get from these places will have more of a homey feel to them than those you can get at the gourmet patisseries (like Laduree or Pierre Herme) around the city, but they are absolutely no less delicious! This is a must-stop for some local flavor when you're in the Marais.

6.) Croque Monsieur

From Where: Cafe St. Regis

I ordered a croque monsieur at each cafe we ate at in Paris (you know, ahem, for research) and my absolute favorite, by far, was from Cafe St. Regis on Ile Saint-Louis. The cheese was the meltiest, the bread and ham the most flavorful, and the setting the most charming (this may have been my favorite cafe in all of France). While a croque monsieur might not look like much, a ham and cheese melt is really never bad. And when it's good, like this one from St. Regis, it's really, REALLY good.

7.) Gelato

From Where: Amorino

I know what you're thinking, "Gelato? This is France!?" I know and as a real Italiophile, I can tell you this gelato is so good that you won't second guess eating it again and again while you're in Paris. I wanted to know more about how an Italian food could be such a huge thing in France, and (according to my wikipedia whiz husband) it's a company founded by two Italians who grew up in France. Well, this Gelato competes with the best of them (and that comes from someone who studied abroad and has returned to Italy, and makes regular pilgrimages to the Grom location in NYC. So, I know gelato). I know you won't miss passing by an Amorino store while you're in Paris, so do yourself a favor and get one of the gorgeous flower shaped cones to go! Don't forget to add the macaroon on top! You'll thank me later :)

8.) French Charcuterie

From Where: Fromagerie DANARD

Absolutely not to be missed when you're in Paris is a charcuterie of cheeses and meats made in France. France has over 200 regional cheeses, and eating a charcuteie plate for dinner is just so European that this is should be on your bucket list. Whether you put together your own chacuterie spread and take it for a picnic or  you go to a fromagerie where they will put it together for you for dinner (like we did at Fromagerie DANARD), you will love the experience of getting so many tastes of regional products unique to France. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to order that bottle of wine. It's the perfect pairing!

9.) Baguette Sandwiches

From Where: Galeries Lafayette Gourmand

The perfect street food to pick up and take for a picnic also happens to be one of the tastiest things you can find in Paris! I love a good sandwich and we had one of our favorite picnic lunches in Paris courtesy of these baguette sandwiches from Galeries Lafayette Gourmand (the food store associated with the department store Galeries Lafayette). When the bread is divine (as it always is in Paris), and the cheese and meat fresh, this makes for a heavenly (and cost effective) picnic with some Orangina and macarons on the side!

10.) Hot Chocolate

From Where: Angelina or Cafe de Flore

I had hot chocolate from the two most lauded hot chocolate vendors in Paris: Angelina and Cafe de Flore. I honestly can't decide which one I like better! Cafe de Flore's is a bit more sweet, while Angelina's is a bit more thick and dark chocolatey. If you twisted my arm to recommend one I would maybe say Angelina just because of the divine homemade whipped cream that accompanied it, but really you can't go wrong with either! Make sure you make time to stop at at least one of these famous restaurants to soak up Paris history, ambiance, and of course the chocolate!

So there you have it! The foods you absolutely can't miss when you're in Paris; the so good you need to pencil the in into your itinerary foods! Let me know in the comments below if there are any foods you love to eat when you're in Paris, and don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin' to stay up to date with my travel, daily life and foodie adventures!

With Love, Katie


  1. Oh wow, this all looks so good. I'm totally on board with all the sweets - ice cream, gelato, etc. Count me in! LOL I'd love to visit Paris someday.


  2. My mouth is watering!! One of my favorite things about traveling is trying new or local foods. It adds so much to the experience. I would happily sample each one of these things on your list!