Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Life Update - I'm Married!

Hey lovelies! Something big has happened since I last posted - I'm married!! To be honest, I'm still having trouble remembering to call my SO my husband and not my fiance, but boy does it feel so good to finally be his wife!

The wedding was AMAZING. I have so many amazing memories from the day and I'm waiting with baited breath for my professional photos. While I understand now that not everything will go exactly the way you pictured it (can we talk about RAIN and EXTREME HEAT), so many parts of the day will be even more than you ever imagined.

My flowers were one of the things that were even more beautiful that I could have ever hoped! In lieu of professional photos, here are some pictures I snapped of my bouquet the next morning before I took off for my honeymoon:

After the wedding we took off for two weeks to France for my extensively researched, meticulously planned honeymoon. No joking, no hyperbole, it was so magical. We spent 5 days in Paris then 8 days on the road completing a road trip loop through Normandy, Brittany and the Loire Valley regions of France.

With my wedding and honeymoon now under my belt expect to see loooots of travel and wedding posts coming up soon! After two solid years of planning my wedding and countless hours spent researching and planning my honeymoon I have so many tips and experiences (and beautiful photos) I can't wait to share!

Talk to you soon! With Love, Katie

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