Saturday, June 10, 2017

How To Pick A Signature Scent For Your Wedding

I kind of surprised myself when I got engaged, I didn’t read nearly as many bridal magazines as I always thought I would. Don’t get me wrong, I indulged. But I think I had a clearer vision, even from the start, of what I was thinking for my wedding aesthetic. As a result, I found Pinterest to be more useful since I could curate what type of inspiration I was seeking.

I did glean some useful information from bridal magazines, though, and one tip in particular stuck out to me. The tip was to find a new perfume to wear for the first time at your wedding, something that reminds you of your love, romance, and the overall feeling you want to capture in your day. By finding a new perfume for you wedding, the idea is that you will create a scent memory so you will forever be reminded of your wedding when you spritz on that particular scent.

Well, I absolutely LOVED this idea, and so the hunt for the perfect perfume began! I love perfume, but I only have two bottles to my name (I tend to only wear it on weekends) so I was not familiar with most the scents out there when I started my hunt. After many, many smelly sample chips, I finally found the perfume that stuck out for me as something that spoke to the sweetness, love and romance I’m trying to capture in my day.

I picked Sexy Number 9 by Trish McEvoy, and as I’ve come to learn, this perfume is something of a cult favorite. Who knew? I definitely didn’t! But it was love from first sniff for me. It’s described as a seductive, spicy-sweet, lush scent with blackberry, patchouli, mandarin and vanilla among the notes. I’ve always been a sweet-scent kind of girl, but this perfume also reads fresh and summery to me, perfect for my warm-weather July wedding!

I hope you find this little tip about finding a new perfume to pair with important life events as inspiring as I did! I know firsthand that scent memory can be a powerful thing, and what better than a wedding to pair with the scent of a beautiful perfume?

Do you have a scent that you associate with a specific memory? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I love this idea too! I didn't wear a special perfume on my wedding day, but I did bring a new lotion with me on my honeymoon that someone gave me at one of my showers. That smell totally takes me back to our newlywed days-and my husband even remembers the scent too! I'm not really into perfume, but I think I would like this scent! I'm going to smell it next time I'm in a department store.