Sunday, June 18, 2017

Antiquing Adventures - Crafting a Handpicked Wedding

One of the absolute most fun and memorable parts of wedding planning, for me, has been the many trips I’ve taken antiquing with my family to find treasures for my modern vintage wedding. What I’ve mostly been on the hunt for is milk glass, a vintage creamy white glass I have been collecting to use in my centerpieces.

I’m not sure how the idea came about exactly, but one day I decided I wanted to collect milk glass to use as floral vessels for the wedding. Before you knew I it had a Pinterest board dedicated to the topic and had scoured StyleMePretty for every inspiration pic of milk glass I could find. I was hooked!
Milk glass is vintage yet modern in aesthetic with it’s clean and uniform white appearance. Once I started collecting my taste quickly evolved so that no mere bud vase or florist-grade vessel would do. Fenton became my favorite milk glass maker, and silver crest became my favorite Fenton pattern (followed closely by hobnail, a swiss-dot like texture that covers the glass).

While my style is more modern and preppy than Joanna Gaines’ vintage country, I have absolutely loved the process of antiquing and the thrill of finding just the right pieces for my wedding. The whole process was a memorable wedding adventure! Even if your thing is not hunting for milk glass, my advice to all brides is to find something you love doing and do it for your wedding. I feel so connected to my theme and my decor now because of the hours I’ve put into gathering my one of a kind pieces, and I’ve made hours of wedding planning memories along the way.

Do you love antiquing? Have you found a way to make your wedding feel handpicked and handcrafted? Let me know in the comments below!

With Love, Katie

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  1. I love antiquing ;) We are doing a bunch of small cakes instead of one huge cake, so I've been planning on picking up unique cake stands. Although, I've only got 2 months left. Better get on that. You know how antiquing goes, it takes a while to find exactly what you're looking for.

    Midwest Darling