Friday, February 24, 2017

Wedding Weekends - Veil Shopping

Hi lovelies!

I'm checking in today with a very exciting wedding update; my bridal look has just had one major addition - my veil! One appointment and two very enjoyable hours later, I found the perfect complement to my gown: a cathedral length tulle veil with amazing shape and a pencil edge. Yay!

If I have one piece of advice for anyone in search of their perfect veil - DO NOT BUY YOUR VEIL ONLINE. I too was very tempted to save some money by buying online, figuring veils were pretty much all made the same since I wanted something fairly simple. This, my friends, is wrong. I walked into the boutique asking for a simple, plain veil, thinking they maybe had one in store, I'd try it on, and be on my way. Little did I know there was a huge variety of types of tulle, cuts on the tulle (even when they were all cathedral length) and edging. The veils all fell differently, some going straight to the floor while other floated out a bit more. I ended up trying many different cuts and tulle types until I found a veil that perfectly framed my face and shoulders, and had a shape that would add dimension and interest to the skirt of my dress. So exciting!

If you're in the market for a veil, do yourself a favor and go ahead and book yourself a consultation. It's a once in a lifetime accessory shopping experience! Make sure you grab your mom, like I did, and make a day of it. So fun!


  1. Wow! Are you going to get married?

    1. Yes, this July! Planning the wedding has been so much fun!

    2. Congratulations!!
      Now I'm only 13 years old, so I must wait for me wedding about 10 years, haha :D

      All the best for you!! <3

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