Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nars Albatross Highlighter Review and Swatch

Nars Albatross is one of the most recent additions to my makeup collection and boy, do I love it! I found this product poking around with a google search about the Kardashian family’s makeup. No matter what you think about that family, no one can deny their makeup is FLAWLESS. I picked up Nars Albatross after reading through a few forums that suggest this is what her makeup artist uses to sculpt Kim Kardashian’s sky high cheekbones. After trying it on myself, I have to say, I feel thoroughly Kardashianized. Someone take me to Miami, I’m ready to party!

The greatest thing about this product is it’s unique cream color that leans yellow when applied. Every other highlighter in my collection leans pink. When applied, the yellow in this product contrasts with my blush and bronzer beautifully to give my cheeks a quite dramatic but natural looking highlight.

As you can see from this swatch Albatross is very close to my pale skin tone, it’s very hard for me to go overboard when applying this product. If you (lucky) ladies are more tan than me I imagine a lighter hand would be required.

This powder is very smooth, is applies evenly and blends easily. I prefer to place highlighting products with an angled brush for precision, such as a MAC 168. Nars Albatross is $29 and can be found here.

I hope you enjoyed this review! More product reviews and tutorials will be coming out soon!

xoxo - Katie


  1. I want to buy this every time I go to sephora! The color is so gorgeous and unique! Great Post!



  2. It looks so pretty!
    Just followed you on Bloglovin!