Monday, May 27, 2013

Holy Grail, Batman! Philosophy The Present Makeup Primer Review

A “holy grail” product, in makeup lingo, is a product you just can’t live without. I have a number of “holy grail” products, but none that I’ve loved more or used longer than Philosophy’s The Present. This primer evens out the surface of my skin, creating a significantly smoother texture which helps me to achieve that airbrushed look every beauty guru is after. This product doubles as a light moisturizer for sensitive skin; I use this product even on no-makeup days as my daytime moisturizer.

The Present is calming, not aggravating on my acne prone skin. It has a light herbal scent, like a calming cup of chamomile tea. I find the $29 price tag to be reasonable, I use no more than a pea-sized dallop of this a day and one tube lasts me about five or six months. To let this product reach it’s full skin-smoothing potential you have to let it dry completely on your face before applying any makeup. This only takes about 5 minutes, I like to apply this product first than do my eye makeup or style my hair while I wait for it to set. After five minutes this products is good to go and I'm ready to enjoy my calmed, moisturized, even textured skin!!

You can find Philosophy's The Present primer here.
I hope you enjoyed this review, The Present is truly one of my very favorite products!

xoxo - Katie

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