Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Living Room Decor Updates

Hello all!

I'm coming to you today with a few new scenes from my living room! Ever since taking the holiday decorations down in January I've been tweaking my living room a bit, adding new pieces, moving things around, and overall making the space feel fresh for the coming Spring season.

The first major change is this amazing, textural round mirror I snagged from Ballard Designs. What attracted me to it was the way it's adds texture, lightness and glitz all in one. I wanted something with a lot of interest to become a focal point on this wall and I think this mirror does the trick! Unfortunately, I scored this mirror on a major sale just as it was being discontinued from Ballard, but they have a few more architectural, interest-adding mirrors that I love here, here and here.

The next thing that I shook up just a bit was my bookshelf! I always feel tired of my arrangements on here after a season or two. Right now I'm really loving the mostly uniform palette of blacks, whites and cream/tan colors here.

Next up, I changed up my pillows and made my first purchase from Magnolia's Hearth and Hand at Target! I couldn't resist this amazing woven wall decoration from their collection. I think it adds so much texture (do you see the theme here yet?) and natural interest, without making the space feel too farmhouse. I wanted to infuse my space with a more natural, textural feel, like all the people who create amazing farmhouse inspired designs do, while still keeping the space feel more tailored (which is more my style). I think this woven wall decor and my new mirror pull that off perfectly!

I scored the blue gingham pillow covers at a Pottery Barn outlet for $12 each! $12 EACH! Can you believe it? I almost bought these exact pillow covers last summer, too. I might be pushing the season a little bit with these, but I'm loving the way the brighten up my living room.

Last but not least I hopped on board the decorating pillow in a basket styling trend, and I couldn't love it more. I bought this pillow on my honeymoon to France, from the most charming artist who had the most charming boutique. She creates these pillows herself from vintage fabrics, and screen prints them with her own illustrations. The pillow is on the smaller side so it sat in my closet for a few months as I was unsure where to put it, but now it's found the perfect home.

Don't you love how spaces can evolve over time? The living room isn't the only space in my apartment that's been getting a mini face lift. Expect to see scenes from my entryway and bedroom coming soon!

Have any of you freshened up your space recently? Let me know in the comments below!

With Love, Katie.
Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Chasing Ruins in France - Chateau Gaillard

Hello There Lovelies!

Today I'm coming to you with some more scenes from France. Today brings one of my favorite things to see in Europe; ruins! Coming from America, a much younger country, huge, stately ruins are not something we see every day. Roman ruins are always one of my favorite things to explore in Italy, and while I didn't make it to see any Roman ruins in France, medieval ruins in an idyllic setting suited me just fine!

Not far from Paris, Chateau Gaillard was a consolation stop for me because I knew I wouldn't get to see the famed ruins of Jumi├Ęges Abbey. Settled on a cliff, over a picturesque tiny town and a bend in the Seine river, Chateau Gaillard did NOT disappoint!

If you are planning a road trip through France, I can't recommend stopping at one of the many ruins enough. These places usually don't even make it into tourist books, but a little research and about an hour of your time makes for such unique and memorable pit stops, especially to American eyes!

Well there you have it! What's your favorite off-beat type of attraction in Europe? Let me know in the comments below!

With Love, Katie.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Perfect Paris Day Trip - A Quick Visit to Monet's Garden

 Hello there lovelies!

After a bit of a break I'm back with more scenes from France! Today I'm talking about one of the most idyllic (and most popular) day trips you can take from Paris: a visit to Monet's gardens. I highly recommend a visit to the Orangerie museum in Paris before you visit the gardens; seeing the real life inspiration for the awe-inspiring Waterlilly canvases is truly an experience you will never forget!

Just about an hour outside of Paris, Monet's Gardens in Giverny is completely jaw-dropping in spring and summer. Much more wild than manicured, it's so easy to see how these gardens lent themselves to impressionist painting.

You can visit both the gardens and Monet's house, which is filled with his personal collection of art (very cool to see). One word of caution though, while the experience will be filled with flowers and greenery, it won't be tranquil. The paths winding through the wildflowers are very small and it's very unlikely that you will be alone!

While it's usually best practice to steer clear of restaurants that are very close to tourist attractions when traveling, a moment of hunger despiration lead us to lunch at Les Nympheas, a restaurant with a lovely outdoor garden setting that was right next to the entrance. To our surprise, we loved the food and couldn't recommend the setting enough!

If impressionist work tends to be your favorite type of art to see in Paris, you will absolutely love this day trip out to Monet's Gardens!

Have you been on any adventures recently? Maybe you were on an adventure over the summer that you'd like to re-live (like me!). Let me know in the comments below!

With Love, Katie.
Thursday, December 7, 2017

How To Break Out of an Interior Decorating Rut

A decorating rut. I’m all too familiar with this feeling as I had been in one for almost the entire final year of planning my wedding (which, ahem, took two and a half years to plan). For me, it was a mixture of a lack of time to spend sourcing decorating ideas and objects and a lack of creativity as all of my creative juices were directed towards color schemes, unique ceremony ideas, signature cocktails, and all of the tiny details that make a wedding day so special. Decorating has been a constant hobby for me for years, so that rut where I wasn’t interested in going to homegoods, could care less about the Pottery Barn catalogue when it came in the mail, was very unusual. When I got back from my honeymoon and the wedding was over, I had a creative void in my life again so I put my energy into breaking out of my decorating rut. These are my tips for how you can break out of yours too!

1.) Clean and Organize

One of the biggest obstacles to feeling free and creative about an interior space is dirt, dust and clutter. If you’ve been feeling less than inspired about your decor, and want to make a change, the best first step to get the creative juices flowing is to give it a good thorough clean and organization effort. Declutter your surfaces, clean out those drawers, wash those baseboards you’ve been neglecting for a year. It’s amazing how much mental space is freed up to think creatively about the design of an interior once it’s clean and clutter free.

2.) Visit Stores that Have Always Inspired You, and Buy One Thing You Love

For me, it’s Pottery Barn. The displays always pull me in and fill me with ideas. Go to that store that used to always make you drool and find one thing that calls to you even through your decorating fog. When I got home from my honeymoon, I bought a rustic, tuscan $30 vase that inspired a makeover of my living room, a space that had been feeling stale for a long time. Find that one object, however small, that you can get behind even when you’re feeling less than inspired about decor, and bring it into your home. You’ll be surprised at how one small piece you love can spark the creative juices. One small piece can begin a chain reaction of decorating decisions that can completely refresh your space!

3.) Embrace Seasonal Decorations

When you want to break out of a decorating rut but are feeling uninspired or unsure of where to start decorating for the season can be a great way to begin seeing your interior space in a new light. No matter wether you’re in fall, winter, spring or summer, pull out your seasonal decor and set yourself the task of finding ways to make it fit into your home. This easy task (with pieces you likely already own) can break the ice, letting your creative decorating juices flow!

There you have it! These are my tips for getting yourself out of a decorating rut for when you’re feeling like your decor is stale and unsatiflying, but don’t know where to start! Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin’ and Instagram so you never miss an update! How do you get the creative juices flowing when you’re feeling less than inspired? Let me know in the comments below!

With Love, Katie.
Thursday, November 30, 2017

Christmas Home Tour 2017

Happy Holidays Lovelies!

I live for the holiday season! It’s such a magical time of year made even more magical this year for me and my husband because it’s our first Christmas (and Hanukkah) as a married couple!

This year also brought one particularly exciting update to my holiday home decor; I finally bought myself a flocked Christmas tree! I’ve drooled over pinterest pictures of christmas trees covered with flocking “snow” for a few years now but this year was the first year I found an amazing affordable option on Amazon. If you need a smaller (it’s 6 feet, which is the perfect size for our smaller apartment) flocked tree, I seriously recommend this one, I think the quality and look are incredible for the price!

I always felt that flocking gave trees a bit of a rustic feel, so I ran in that direction with my living room tree this year. I opted for a mixture of mercury glass ornaments mixed in with whites, golds and browns to keep it feeling neutral but with just enough glitz and sparkle for the season. I also made sure to include natural elements such as featured drop ornaments, glittered pinecone balls from Pottery Barn and bottle brush animal ornaments to enhance the organic theme of the tree.

To play off the mercury glass ornaments I have on my living room tree, I styled my coffee table with my favorite Pottery Barn mercury glass tree figurines and their mercury glass pillar holder. I love the little bit of added glitz the mercury glass gives my coffee table and I love the glow of the candles at night when all the lights are turned off except for the tree!

Since getting married I’ve been obsessed with putting my new married monogram on things, so when I found this Pottery Barn tree skirt that matched some Christmas stockings I had personalized a few years ago I knew I had to have it! I opted for a simple “H” monogramming for my new married last name and I couldn’t love it any more. I know this is going to be one of those Christmas items I pull out year after year after year (just like I’ve already done with the stockings!).

I spruced up my living room bookshelf for this holiday season by including family heirloom Byer’s Choice caroler dolls. To me, these decorations (which are from my grandparent’s collection) are just as much of a Christmas tradition as anything else. I spruced up their display with a snowman and a tree to their scale and I think it makes for the perfect small touch of Christmas in this corner of my home.

You can find a few Caroler dolls sprucing up my bedroom dresser as well. Combined with some picture frames and a small lit tree I think it makes for the perfect Christmas vignette!

Because I bought a new tree for the living room this was the first year I have ever been able to decorate a second tree! Having multiple trees at Christmastime has always been a holiday decorating goal for me. I put our extra tree in a corner of our bedroom and decorated it in reds, golds and pinks. I drew from my wedding as inspiration for this, where my primary color was a light blue with red being an accent color I had in my bouquet. My bedroom walls are blue and they make the red tree POP!

My vanity only got a tiny touch of Christmas this year with candy cane striped tea light holders. I didn’t want to clutter this space with too many Christmas decorations this year since it gets to sit right next to my spotlight stealing bedroom tree.

Decorating my entryway for Christmas was the biggest decorating challenge for me this year because to me my fiddle leaf fig tree reads "modern," but most of my Christmas decor is more traditional leaning. I ended up putting together a "silver and gold" themed table with decorations with a modern spin, like my wire and bell Christmas tree. I also added an apothecary jar filled with kosher salt as “snow” and a silver tinsel tree from Target to give the space a glitzy feel appropriate for the winter without trying to force anything too rustic into the space that would clash with my mod and tropical house plant.

Well there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this Christmas peek into my home and that it gave you some ideas of your own for decorating this holiday season! Let me know what you do to decorate for the holidays in the comments below and don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ so you never miss a post!

With Love, Katie.