Thursday, November 16, 2017

Our Wedding: First Looks

Hello there lovelies! Today I'm continuing the series where I recap our wedding day! Today I'm giving you a glimpse of the day by recounting each of my first looks! If you missed the first post in the series about my morning getting ready you can click over to it here!

I had three first looks on my wedding day, first with my Dad, then with my bridesmaids, and then finally with my husband! The first two first looks really helped to ramp up the excitement (and emotion) before I had my first look with my groom.

I was able to pull the first look off with my bridesmaids so well because only one of them had ever seen my dress before! It was a total surprise for most of them (and I think still a great bridal reveal for the one who had seen my dress before, in my last fitting, because of course my hair and makeup weren't so perfect then!).

After finishing with hair and makeup the morning of my wedding I left my girls to put my dress and veil on in a separate room with my mom. My photographers then helped me organize the reveal with my bridesmaids by lining them up in the bridal suite and snapping pictures over my shoulder of their reactions to seeing me!

After these first two looks it was time for the big reveal with my husband! I think he had been patiently waiting for me while staring at the wall in the lobby of the hotel (so as not to glimpse me too soon) for a WHILE before I showed up (lol). I didn't get any tears from him but it was a lot of fun having him finally see my dress! I had been dying to show it to him for months (and almost caved a few times!).

I hope you enjoyed this peek into our wedding day! Next up in our wedding day series will be a look at our bridal portraits!

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With Love, Katie.
Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Our Wedding: Getting Ready

Hey there lovelies!

In honor of finally getting all of our wedding photos back, I'm starting a new series here on the blog to recap our wedding day! Before my own wedding I loved spooking on the choices and details other people had in their wedding as it gave me so much inspiration for my own. I'm hoping to inspire, as well as just share the joy of my own wedding day with you all by recapping the day's events!

First up, I'm talking about getting ready! Everyone tells you to leave more time than you think you need for hair and makeup, that it will take twice as long as you expect. Somehow that was completely true for me. Even though we started at 11am aiming to be ready for a 3:15 first look with my husband, I ended up running late!

I wish I had more pictures of the hours we spend doing hair and makeup, but my photographer arrived only at the very tail end of that part of the day, but she did get a couple of good ones as I was having my body airbrushed (lol, but anything in the name of bridal beauty!).

One component of my gift to my bridesmaids was our getting ready outfit, which was a chambray button down (button downs or robes are the best attire when you're getting your hair done so you don't ruin it when you take it off!) which were personalized with each of their monograms! I loved mine especially because I used my new married monogram, KHJ! The thread used to embroider was white (for the bride!) and the thread on my bridesmaid's shirts were light pink. I love the way we all looked in these together!

During this part of the day, I refused to put on my dress until I had the photographer take this picture of it hanging on a wall of vintage suitcases that is in the lobby of the hotel we were getting ready in. This was such a risky venture (the guys were getting ready there too!) but it went off perfectly (no sneak peaks for my husband!) and the pictures are completely worth it!

Finally it was time to get into my dress for the first look! This was the only time in the whole morning when I slightly lost my nerve, I knew we were running late for the first look which meant we were eating into precious bridal portrait time (something so important to me, and something that I knew was being threatened even further by the possibility of rain). But I did my best to keep it together and not rush the people helping me during this part of the day.

Once I was all dressed up, it was time for a series of "first looks!" I had a first look with my dad, my bridesmaids, and of course my husband. Look out for recaps and photos of each of those in my next post in this series!

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With Love, Katie.
Thursday, November 9, 2017

Paris's Best Souvenier: Antique Postcards

Do you want to bring a piece of Paris history home with you from your once in a lifetime trip? Do you want to do it for less than $5? Do you want to create a stunning art piece to hang in your home and remind you of your trip forever? You have to buy some antique Paris postcards!

Before my trip, I had no concept of antique postcards, or how special or beautiful they can be. As it turns out, old paper goods that were not really meant to stand up to the test of time are called ephemera, which is what these postcards are. Many have lasted through the years, though, and you can find lots of gorgeous postcards from all different eras with only a tiny but of hunting.

I found all of my postcards at the Bouquinistes, which are stalls lining the banks of the Seine river near the Notre Dame that sell everything from antique books, to vintage prints, to reagular tourist knick-knacks and of course, antique postcards! You'll find some that have been sent, and some that haven't. I personally loved the ones that were sent because of the cute little postage stamps and the absolutely stunning penmanship that many of them carried. People from the past had some gorgeous scrip handwriting, and the fact that the messages are all written in French just adds to the charm!

I loved inspecting the postcards for images of landmarks I had visited. Many look relatively unchanged, except for the horse and buggies and women in great big hoop skirts and men in tophats you can see in the images on the postcards! You can find color as well as black and white. I decided to collect exclusively black and white photos because I had already planned to display them when I got home and thought all black and white would create a more classic, cohesive look.

Once home I turned my postcards into an art piece with this multi-opening frame from Pottery Barn (in black) and have been proudly displaying my collection ever since. The postcards fit into the 4x6 openings in the frame. I printed a few of my own photographs from the trip in black and white to fill the three larger openings in the middle of the frame.

I love my little collection and display of antique postcards so much that I've already started working on one for another of my favorite cities, New York! To me, an affordable piece of history and art that makes for unique and gorgeous home decor is a real win in my book, so much I want to do it twice!

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With Love, Katie
Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Wedding Gallery Wall

To me, photos were one of the most important things about my wedding. When I got engaged I searched high and low for the perfect photographer before deciding on any other vendor, even my venue. I think it's because of my love of home decor (and making photo books), but I knew when the wedding was all said and done that I wanted obsession-worthy photos that I could drool over and decorate my house with for years to come!

After the wedding I was anxious to decorate my home with mementos from our wedding day, so while I was waiting for my photos to come back from the photographer I started my gallery wall by having my wedding invitation suite framed. I love this piece because it is a reminder of a few key design choices I included in my wedding; our wedding color (the light blue that is on the monogrammed belly band and envelope liner), and the calligraphy (that we included on all of our signage, programs and menus on our wedding day).

Once we got our photos back I chose to have a more "artsy" photo professionally framed, so that it would have staying power as a piece I know we will want to display in our house forever. The "artsy" photo I chose is a photo of Cam and I standing in a shadowy doorway. I love it because it shows off the fluffyness of the skirt of my wedding dress, a feature that I had my heart set on and conducted an exhaustive search to find! (Seriously, I must have tried on a hundred dresses before finally finding "the one!")

I chose to include two smaller pieces to finish out the gallery wall (they are affordable "instagram mini's" from Framebridge). One is a photo I took in Paris on our honeymoon, and one is a photo that features every person in our bridal party, (it makes me feel so loved to look at this one and remember  all of the people who worked so hard to make our day so special!).

I hope you loved this little peek into how we're incorporating our wedding memories in our home decor! Stay tuned for another post on where else in our home we are displaying our wedding memories, including the dried wedding bouquet shadow box that I featured in a recent DIY!

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With Love, Katie.
Thursday, October 19, 2017

Milk Glass Wedding Details for a Modern Vintage Wedding

 One of my absolute favorite aspects of wedding planning and my wedding day itself was collecting milk glass for use in floral design. If you're wandering what milk glass is, it's a vintage opaque milky white glass that's made into countless types of vessels and compotes that are absolutely perfect to use for wedding flowers and centerpieces when you're after a modern-vintage aesthetic.

I was engaged for two years which left me plenty of time to collect unique milk glass pieces at good prices from antique malls and flea markets. Generally, I paid less than $10 for smaller pieces and less than $25 for larger pieces. So the cost of collecting the vessels was relatively inexpensive (especially as far as wedding prices go!), but the fun I had hunting them down was absolutely priceless! Hunting for the pieces was something I shared with my mom, dad and fiance. The whole process was so much fun; it was the thrill of the hunt mixed with the joy of working towards creating a beautiful handmade wedding day that made building up my milk glass collection so enjoyable.

I used my milk glass mostly for centerpieces in collections of 3 to 5 pieces per table. I found a "formula" of three pieces and two candlesticks to be especially gorgeous, but some centerpieces just comprised of one large milk glass piece filled to the brim with eye-popping florals. Those centerpieces were stunning too!

What I love about milk glass is even though it's a vintage product, it's pearly white design makes it look entirely fresh and modern too. That's what makes it so perfect for crating a modern-vintage wedding look that's not stuffy, prissy or stodgy. Instead, milk glass looks fresh and elegant while still giving a nod to the past.

Because the milk glass is white, it gives you the opportunity to incorporate your wedding colors in your linens. My primary wedding color was a dusty light blue. Using that color as a tablecloth set off the white of my milk glass beautifully.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and it gave you some inspiration to search out handpicked details for your own wedding! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin' so you never miss a post!

With Love, Katie